I don't like to use a metronome because...

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It occurs to me that one of the reasons we can get a long thread out of something as otherwise mundane as metronome merits is that they don't fit well with many folks. I am one of those folks. I simply don't like listening to clicks and clacks while i am also listening to what I am playing. I would be one of the last persons to deny the benefit of internalizing timing that can come with dedicated metronome use. It's just that there has to be reason why so few people use them regularly.

It looks like the Peterson folks agree with my premise. They are releasing something called the Body Beat that sends sound vibes to what ever part of your body you wish to subject to the learning process. While I don't need any more "accessories", I will be one of the first in line for the implementation of what I always thought would be a better way to communicate timing without having to rely on clicks, clacks, ticks tocks or those idiotic red and green lights.

Where do I sign up?



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