Open architecture - Sound posts, or not??

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 I've never built a reso, but I like the sound. I've attended four workshops at Wintergrass, and it seems like every possible style reso has been represented. I find myself liking the Scheerhorns and the maple Raycos best as a LISTENER. As a potential player, I am clueless. I've "played" a few, the obvious by-ear crossover from fingerstyle type, noodling, with no basis in education. I seem to like a high setup, which I think means the cover plate bridge cover must be a bit tall so the strings fit under.

 I've decided to take a "left turn" and revise a decades-old half-built guitar project into a resophonic. It's in the picture on the left, which I guess is my "avatar'. There's some logic in this, as the existing top has suffered a humidity seam separation, the walls and back are .050 thicker than normal, and the back bracing is hardwood. Taking measurements, I've determined that the body (sort of a deep SJ) will accomodate a 12 fret 25 scale setup.

 I've never seen the inside or the design of the Rayco or the Scheerhorn. I've read about them, but found no plans for Rayco or Scheerhorn style construction.


 What I am looking for here are recommendations or comments about non-sound-well construction using sound posts vs. no sound posts. I do not even know if no-sound-post construction is viable, but it's obvious sound-post construction is used by many. All comments, arguments, pros, cons, pointers, links, and recommendations will be appreciated and considered.


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