Nashville Fishman bridge, and Legend or Scheerhorn cone?

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I've got a Wechter Ickes model frugalhorn that I'd like to put the latest version of the Fishman Nashville bridge set up into. And also I'd like to have either a Legend or Scheerhorn cone put in.

The obvious choice for the set-up from my past experience is Beard. But I thought I'd check with y'all on other good luthiers. I did send a note to Todd Clinesmith, because he's fairly close, shipping-wise, but he is way too busy with all his steel and dobro orders to do set-ups. And of course Tim Scheerhorn would be an obvious choice, but I'm assuming he's long past doing set-ups on furgalhorns.

Any others that you recommend?

And votes: Legend cone? Scheerhorn cone?





Like a pet monkey, a banjo seems like a good idea at first.


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