Dave Giegerich CD "It's About Time"

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I haven't seen anybody here mention the long-awaited release of the late Dave Giegerich's excellent CD "It's About Time."  I just got my copy and it's wonderful, with a wide variety of styles and backing musicians including David Grier, Cathy Fink, Jimmy Gaudreau, Ricky Simpkins, Marcy Marxer, and many others.  This is not a weepy retrospective, but a vital project, full of life and humor (just like Dave).  If you knew Dave, you've got to hear this.  If you didn't know him, here's your chance.  I met him in the 80s and even then he had this tendency to never cheat on a melody but to find ways to express the full tune, before he began improvising and riffing on it.  An incredible musician.  Dave's wide ranging musical tastes are all here: bluegrass, jazz, Hawaiian, fiddle tunes, and originals.  It's really good to hear Dave play again.  Highly recommended.


Jim N.

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