Setup and Repair Services

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McKenna guitars offers complete setup and repair services for most 6,7, and 8 string resonator guitar models. I have setup hundreds of resonator guitars (including my own handcrafted guitars). Installing high quality parts will greatly improve the sound of your import or older guitar.
Setups include:
Cleaning/routing ledge/guitar top as necessary
Installing new resonator cone
Installing and leveling new #14 spider (if needed)
Install felt on tailpiece (if needed)
Install ebony capped maple bridge insert
Install new bone nut
Install new strings
Install new coverplate screws (if needed)
Blow out/vacumn dust inside guitar body
Polish guitar
Lemon oil fretboard
Recommended parts:
Beard or Quarterman cone
#14 spider (if needed)
Bone nut
J-42 strings
Labor $110.00 (plus parts and return shipping cost)
(A handcrafted McKenna ebony capped maple bridge insert is included in the labor cost)


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