Wall Street Journal Article on Alan Jackson (and Rob Ickes) by Barry Mazor

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This is a nice article by Barry Mazor in the Wall Street Journal about Alan Jackson's new CD "Bluegrass" featuring Rob Ickes among others. Well worth a read.


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Good line up with the on that, Rigsby, Shelor, to name a few.  Every few years BG gets a boost into the mainstream.  Alan Jackson has some originals on it, should be interesting.

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Thanks for the link Brad. I've read a few reviews of the CD and they were all very positive.

I went to our local Wal-Mart yesterday to pick up some household supplies and decided to take a walk over to their electronics dept. figuring that with a big name like Alan Jackson on the cover they might be stocking this CD, and sure enough, there it was and the price was right: ten bucks.

I've listened to the first few tracks and so far I'm really liking what I'm hearing.

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Been through the entire CD now and I concur with the positive reviews it has garnered from the music press. A fine effort and it will be receiving regular spins around these parts.

And for us Reso-Nationalists there's plenty of Rob Ickes on the record.

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Driving along Flathead lake today on the way to a sales meeting, satellite radio played a long cut ( can't remember the song name). Great soundtrack to some beautiful scenery. Rob was awesome as usual.


Like a pet monkey, a banjo seems like a good idea at first.

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I buy most of my music from the Apple Itunes "store" and they are only selling the single cuts from the record at $1.29 each. Most full recordings on Itunes sell for $9.99, but these 14 cuts after tax is nearly 20 bucks.

Too much Scotch blood in me I guess...I'll buy the CD itself and get liner notes for my 20.


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No full album price from iTunes - that's just plain dumb, what are they thinking?  You live in Seattle Brian, so I know there's a Wal-Mart near you - for that matter, there seems to be a Wal-Mart near everybody these days, and as i wrote in my first post the CD is available at Wal-Mart for $10. 

I'm a big supporter of my local record store - it's literally one of the last remaining in the county, and the vast majority of the the CDs I purchase wouldn't be for sale at Wal-Mart anyway, but if I'm there picking up household supplies and album I like is on one of the racks for 10 bucks, it's going home with me!

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Well Apple, I agree that's just dumb. You can get the whole album in MP3 at Amazon for $9.49. You can still create a folder and load it right into Itunes. 

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Yeah, I saw that on Amazon yesterday. And I also saw that you can order the CD through Amazon and one vendor had it new for a little over $8 dollars which would be about $12 shipped to your door.  Or - you could swing by Wal-Mart and pick it up for $10 + tax, and if you live in Oregon there is no sales tax.

Some folks don't want to go the CD route, I can understand it if you just don't want to deal with one more CD in your house and you're trying to go 100% "CDless," or you prefer to download at $9.49 or $9.99 because often the more obscure CDs are a lot more expensive at $15-$18, but this is what I don't understand: musicians, like the members here, are very concerned about sound quality from their instruments. "Do I go for the Fishman Nashiville pickup insert and possibly compromise the sound of my artisan level dobro or do I leave it alone?"

Yet when it comes to purchasing music for one's listening pleasure, the question apparently doesn't come up for some. 

It depends what equipment you are playing your music on, but CDs sound better than MP3s, and vinyl sounds better than CD. I like the convenience of CD or MP3 over vinyl, and though I don't have the ears of my German Shepherd, I can hear the difference. It's why I have way too many CDs on the racks in my living room. And particularly if I can get the physical CD for about the same price as as the MP3 download, I'm going CD every time.

Now as far as actually going shopping in person for it, I do have to psyche myself up any time I'm on my way to either Wal-Mart or Costco.  i can be inside one of those places and I start feeling an energy-sapping weakness, like when Superman is exposed to Kryptonite. Wink

Shopping at my last remaining local record store, that's always a pleasure - I know the owners and they're great guys, and I do my part - actually way more than my part throughout the year to support them so that they don't go away. I hope they can hang in there for a lot more years. 

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MF just announced Alan Jackson to headline on Thursday night.  Not surprised.


Keep on pickin'



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Good for Alan. That'll be a popular stage that evening.

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