Gaven Largent joins Blue Highway

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This is great news for both Blue Highway and Gaven Largent! Gaven has been a regular at previous Resosummits, where he has impressed me with his speed and skill. I look forward to seeing what they'll all do together.


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Wow. Great news, for Gaven and for the band. For many of us - who have known Gaven from ResoSummit and elsewhere, this is a wonderful "coming of age" story. Between Gaven, Gary Hultman (Boxcars) and Josh Swift (Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver) we've seen a succession of young, talented dobro players - each with his own voice - stepping up to play with the top bands (and instrumentalists) in bluegrass. Outstanding!

Okay, so much for the theory. It will be interesting to see how I get over this change in practice - the next time BH is in town :)

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Can't to hear them together. Great news!

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Congratulations to Gaven!

A couple of Blue Highway shows I've seen over the years have been in 21 and over clubs - unless they cancel any impending dates for those types of venues, I wonder how they are going to sneak this 19 year kid into a nightclub?  Wink

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Minors perform in places like that all the time. They just aren't allowed to stay around after coming off stage. 

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Blue Highway is welcoming Gaven with a celebration on the band's website featuring a 25% off discount on everything in the Blue Highway store with code "WELCOME" through Sunday, December 13, at

What an excellent choice. Gaven will get it done and more. Congratulations Gaven!

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Met him at Wilmington Ohio bgf last winter, when selling raffle tickets benefitting the Fayette Humane Soc/Harlow dobro. Gavin is a nice young man and plays tastefully, and not just a zillion notes per measure. Nice to see him with Michael Cleveland and Flame keeper, and should be fun to watch his success with BH.

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Minors perform in places like that all the time. They just aren't allowed to stay around after coming off stage. 

I'm well aware of that Andy - but my version makes for a better story. Wink

I have only met Gaven once myself, and it was five years ago at ResoSummit which would have made him about 14, which in a teenage years is an eternity between then to 19.

He also struck me as a fine young man - and he could really play  back then. We haven't had a lot of "prodigies" on the instrument, but I would say Gaven qualifies.  

He also struck me as being just a little cocky at the time, but if I could play like him when I was 14 and might have been that way myself. 

Brooks (Lounge Primate) was commenting on ResoHangout awhile back after Rob announced that he was leaving Blue Highway that not only would they be tough shoes to fill, but the constant expectation among the audience that you're following a legend is going to be one tough job. Gaven of course has  the chops, and he also has the confidence. 


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OK gotcha Mark. Smuggling in Gaven stories would be fun to hear. ;)

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