Who has tried Charlie's Capos and Bars

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I just received a capo and bar from Charlie and all I can say is wow!




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They are pretty nice. I have had mine for going on two years.

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I was fortunate enough to get one of Charlie's first capos shortly after he introduced them.  They really are fantastic and I believe what he is producing now is the third generation and are a bit heavier for even better tone.  Hard to believe!  I have two of his bars, one of the original STS bars and then one that he slightly modified for me to make it a bit more comfortable to my hand.  That is really the only bar I use anymore.  You will have a hard time finding anyone easier to deal with than Charlie!

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Ya, he's awesome. I just got back in to playing and found out about him. Isn't it great to have someone that will modify quality bars and capos to your diminsions?!



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Best capo I've used, and I've tried most of them.  Easy to use, little tonal loss

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