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Please ANNIHILATE quickly :shock: :!:




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We need a little better filter, NOW....please

PT, I'm doing the best I can regulating this crap. I spend about 10 minutes/day doing nothing but deleting comments and users. If you are really unhappy with my efficiency, maybe you could start your own community forum and regulate it as you see fit. We're doing our best to deal with the issue and I can really do without your bitching.



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It's a shame that there isn't some sort of automatic device/program that can figure this stuff out without requiring personal time and attention. But, alas, it doesn't appear to be the case. Thanks, administrators, for taking the time to watch over the content here.

It is folks on the outside that are doing this, and they do it everywhere. Check your email inbox. It's not the fault of folks on the inside. We are all the victims, posters and administrators alike.

I suspect we are all offended by this stuff. But it ALWAYS disappears. If it ain't quick enough, well, I guess bh can't sit by his computer 24/7 and check every post so nobody ever sees even one spam. But it's amazing how fast it happens.

And, benevolent ones, if you need more eyes, I volunteer to be granted a kill switch. I lurk more than I post. And being left coastal, I'm awake while east and southerners sleep. Just a thought.

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We need a little better filter, NOW....please

The absolute most effective spam filter is between your ears. If you see a message that has a subject that looks like it might possibly be offensive (and 98% of the crap messages do), then why on earth would you open it?

Brad and I will see them when we log in, and take care of them, I promise. If you really feel you must take some action, simply PM a link to the message to Brad or me...when we check in, we are alerted if we have PMs.

Thanks for a great forum, Brad. I can't imagine the work that goes in to this project.

Just a thought; if you see a suspect posting that might be offensive to you, don't open it. I have acutally stopped going to certain reso sites simply because I'm sick of the bickering, etc. that goes on there. Be your own censor. We're all grown up folks here, I think.

Happy Picking! :)

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Keep up the good work bharper, we appreciate you efforts on behalf of the reso community.

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Yes, all SPAM is bad but this particular entry went so far as posting pornographic pictures with links so as soon as the thread was opened it was in your face :shock: . But, Brad and Lee, y'all are doing a bang up job keepin' it clean 8) :D :!: Kudo's :!:


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Lee and I (along with the helpful eyes of others) have spent hours/week on this for the past few months. I've banned usernames, domains, IP ranges and websites. I've modified the registration page several times and while it helps for a few days, they find workarounds. For about two weeks I was manually approving every user that signed up and it was sucking an hour out of my day. I've personally deleted ~ 300 users and about as many posts (others have achieved similar numbers). They come in all day long... non-stop. Most are bots, but some of these guys are manually signing up... in these cases, there's no way I can tell who a suspect user is until they post.
None of us like spam, regardless of it's content. I've worked (with the support of hundreds of people) over the past few years to create an online forum that maintains relevant content and is void of the chit-chat and bickering that are rampant on the net. So far, with the exception of the spam over the past few months, this place has prevailed to be a great online resource for reso enthusiasts of all variations.

As most of you know, this is a hobby for me. I've got lots going on and am spread very thin (not complaining, I like it that way). Unfortunately, however, being busy limits the time I can spend doing things I enjoy. There have been days recently, most of them, where my entire reso-related reading time online has been dedicated to nothing but cleaning up the forum. Some days I don't even get to see what new topics have been posted. I log in once in the morning, wade through all new users and posts and delete the ones I can tell are up to no good. I do the same routine 3 or 4 times a day.

I regret that the spam has gotten as bad as it has. I spend time each day researching in an effort to decide how to combat it or perhaps create a more permanent resistance. We're toying with the idea of membership fees (which all existing users would be exempt from) to keep people's intentions honest. I also spend quite a bit of time talking to other forum admins regarding their efforts to deal with internet content invaders. I'll get it fixed some way.

I do appreciate people dropping me pm's, phone calls or emails in the event that another crap message has popped up. I can't catch 'em all... not in the limited time I have to spend on it daily. I like the idea of have additional folks help seek and destroy and will be contacting a few candidates in the near future.

What isn't helpful is people commenting on the posts. This draws more attention to them because the posts counts increase for the topic and they show up as hot topics in member's recently posted views.

If the title seems inappropriate, don't look at it. Period. Go about your business and maybe shoot me a PM if you have to time or are inclined to do so. If you do open the post, do so at your own risk.

Replying inline asking someone to delete it or replying inline with commands or request in all CAPS will not achieve much in the way of getting the post removed. By the time myself or anyone else with delete capabilities see your message we would've already seen the offending post in that thread and you can rest assured that we realize it should be removed.

Thanks to everyone for putting up with this annoyance. Be patient with us and we'll fix the issue... it's just a matter of time.


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There have been days recently, most of them, where my entire reso-related reading time online has been dedicated to nothing but cleaning up the forum. Some days I don't even get to see what new topics have been posted.

This is so true...often I check in and the activity level on R-N has grown such that I don't have time to read every message or check every thread. Instead, I scan for topics of interest...and to look out for scum-bags. Brad has installed a new admin feature that has made deleting these users easier, so I usually go through the new users each time I check in as well.

If you practice safe-surfing (don't open suspect threads), I think your enjoyment of the R-N forum will be greater and you won't have to endure the bad stuff. We will make it go away.

I sympathize with Brad. Nothing short of death can eliminate those scumbags. I'm surprised its taken them this long to get in. I had the same problem with My forum. Delete one and they just re-register under another name.

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The world is the way it is and it probabaly hasn't changed much except for the technology over the last few thousand years. It is not reasonable nor rational to expect others to be on top of the relatively small number of juvenile minds who want to shock others by being naughty.

The best thing we can is ignore their febrile infantile posturing and BE Patient while Brad and Lee get on with doing the significant task they have in keeping this board free from this trivia. I for one am not going to take it personally if some frustrated 6 year old is trying to shock people with pictures of some other similarly afflicted person. You don't have to look unless you want to.

My thanks and support go to both Brad and Lee who do an absolutely great job of running this site.


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