Online Lessons w/ Mike Witcher

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Hi everyone,

     I got such a great response when I mentioned offering online lessons in a previous post that  I set up my web cam and some paypal buttons and we are good to go.  For more details go to .

Shoot me an e-mail  at to schedule your lesson today.

Hope to see you online soon!



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What a great idea.  Unfortunately, I don't have a web cam.  Can anybody recommend what kind to get?

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    I use the Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro for Mac.  They are about $99.  They make a slightly cheaper version that isnt mac specific.


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Is there some kind of software that's needed? For PC, that is.

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   Skype or AIM work well. There are some links on the lesson page of my web site that should point you in the right direction.


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I will be emailing soon.




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Yesterday I had my first on-line lesson with Mike and can't say enough about his first-rate instruction. I'm a beginner and had gotten ahead of myself. He gently brought me back to where I should be with some of the basics and I'll be way ahead of the game in the future. This method is great if you aren't near a good instructor and is probably great even if your next door neighbor is a dobro teacher. I couldn't be happier. Thanks, Mike

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Did you use AIM or Skype?

I wonder if the lessons are possible (or passable) on a laptop with a built in web cam (because of setting the camera angle with the screen)? 

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I used AIM, but we had a few video problems and maybe they can be resolved using Skype. We're working on it.


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I had my first lesson with Mike yesterday. I had a few problems on my end with AIM and chose to try Skype. We had a few very small bugs and Mike was kind enough to spend some time during the day making sure that I was set up properly before our lesson began.

I am very satisfied with the lesson and now have my homework to practice on before our next lesson. Books and DVD's are great, but there is something special about being able to have an instructor watching over you to help with the small stuff and to be there while you have the questions fresh on your mind.

I am hoping that the technology gets even better especially for guys like me who do not have anyone close by. Between this and the Dobro chat room, I am a happy camper. Hopefully I be able to actually play in the chat room before long.

I will still try to get to workshops and The Reso Gathering because I like being around my Dobro friends, but I should be better prepared when I do attend one.

Mike is a very patient teacher and a nice guy and I think his book is a must have for learning Dobro.




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