Albums I never grow tired of listening to

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Skip, Hop, and Wobble - Jerry Duglas, Russ Barenberg, and Edgar Meyer  - love every tune!

Strength in Numbers - Jerry Douglas, Bela Fleck, Sam Bush, Mark O'Conner and Edgar Meyer - same!

Not all Who Wander are Lost - Chris Thile, with  Jerry Douglas, Bela Fleck, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer, Bryan Sutton, Byron House, Sean $ Sara Watkins, Jeff Coffin - I am requesting at any memorial service held for me that an excellent sound system is rented, and everyone has to sit still and listen to "Raining at Sunset."  What a journey that song takes me on!  But every tune is outstanding.  Love the almost classical vibe of a lot of this album.

Tony Rice Sings Gordon Lightfoot - Vocal stylings are so personal, and  the mood I am in has a great deal to do with who I might enjoy listening to at the moment, even with some of the greats like Maura O'Connel or Alison, younger talent like Aiofe O'Donovan of Crooked Still - or the incredible harmonies of the Seldom Scene or Blue Highway.   But I can listen to Tony anytime, somehow.  It doesn't hurt that Jerry's backup of Tony's vocals are stupifyingly good.

Backwaters - Tony Rice, Wyatt Rice, John Reischman, Fred Carpenter, Todd Phillips - such understated but wonderful jazzy playing!  So cool with lots of oooo's.

Jerry Christmas - Jerry Douglas, and  -  I need to buy the hard copy so I know the other players (it's not on Wikipedia!), but I imagine it's a lot of the usual suspects.  Even in the middle of July I can listen to this whole album again and again!


Hmm, Jerry seems to be on every album but one...I think I'm begining to see a pattern...Smile



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The Great Dobro Sessions. <3

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I could name a few, for starters anything by the Bluegrass Album Band 

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Anything by Tony Rice.

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Road Song. My favourite solo dobro album by far.

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Great Dobro Sessions, The Seldom Scene, Resophonic Retrospective (Roger Williams), Resolution (Lou Wamp), anything by Josh or Oz.  Many, many more.


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Bela Fleck - Tales From The Acoustic Planet - Bluegrass Sessions.

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And its opposite, records I never wanna hear again ... ...


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What a hoot!  Ethel Merman sings Disco, Polka Disco and the list goes on!

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Looking for a throwup emocon Surprised thinking about that stuff

Anyways, I'm liking the Southern Philibuster right now

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Three Ring Circle, on repeat:-)

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