Johnson under goes surgery

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I have an old Johnson Square Neck,my first reso unit. After reading about Baffles and Soundwells on RN I decided to try something.  I cut  out the back half of the Soundwell flush with the diameters of the holes in the Soundwell. I added two small soundpost to strengthen the top. The three hole facing the sound hole I blocked with a piece of Lexan .030 thk. the only openings left are on the sides of the Soundwell,thus leaving a much longer path for the sound to travel. Ala Bose. I installed new Saddles cleaned up the nut and new strings. I took it a while to settle in, but this baby sounds great. I played it next to my PBSM and I actually think it is louder. More Bass response than before. The PBSM may get scheduled for the same surgery soon, However I think I will start with the Baffle before breaking out he Dremel. Next time I have it apart I will get some photos. Robin


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Oh, THAT Johnson! 

Glad I could provide a bit of  entertainment to the know i forgot to knock him out first. Ouch............

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Yeah, I was baffled about which Johnson you were working on, too.

The set up you describe is similar to MAS and Guernsey resos. Open towards the tail-piece and closed towards the neck.

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