Thank You!

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I'm blatantly appropriating this idea from Greg, Bob and Mark.

The purpose of this thread is to provide some positive vibes that may resonate throughout our community. Let's give thanks to those who deserve it.

Since I'm starting this Love-In, I'm gonna double dip:

I want to thank Brad for this site! What the heck would we do without the RN??

Secondly, I'd like to thank Rob Anderlik. He's a good sport and has provided a great website that's a wealth of information I've scoured for years now.

Ok, so I lied! This is more than 2. Also thanks to Rob Ickes for inspiring me to play and to Tim Scheerhorn for his obvious contributions!


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I want to thank Troy who has addied a lot with his teaching ideas.  There are many good / great teachers out there but none has provided his knowledge in a more user friendly way.

We don't thank Brad enough for all he does.  The opportunity I've had to work with him, I found him to be a truly amazing guy.

Of Course Tim and Paul are the real backbone of the modern resophonic Guitar.  I don't think you can go to any gathering without seeing their instruments  Even those with other names have their influence built in.

Also I would like to thank my Mother and Father, oops I got carried away there.

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Oops! I almost forgot to thank my wonderful wife not only for putting up with me, but also for putting up with my resophonic addiction.

Also, absolutely thanks to Troy!

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Thanks to a certain Jan Dopjera of Slovakia.

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I would like to thank Jim McNab for attempting on numerous occasions to make MarkinSonoma's head explode.  And also for his efforts to keep Scheerhorns increasing in value!

Plus, Rob Ickes, Jimmy Heffernan, Mike Witcher and everyone I ever stole a lick from!

Many thanks to Brad Harper.

And most especially many heartfelt thanks to everyone that visits here on RN.

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hear hear

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Yeah, Doug, I've gotta thank Mark. He's a great contributor to this site. He's knowledgable over a great many things - I'm continually amazed by his botanical contributions. He also isn't afraid to call bullshot when his BS meter gets triggered. In many ways he's a good and necessary balance for my sometimes unbridled enthusiasm.

Let's not forget Dave (Fox), Mike (Grizz) Badger and all the other regular critters out there in reso-world!

And good ol' Preston cuz he keeps things lively in his own unique firebrand way!

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And let's not forget Jerry D. and Doug the Keeper of the Holy Grail!

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Wow! I guess now I'm thankful the RN is back up!!!! YEAH!

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