Tab Editors and Slide Notation/Playback

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How do the popular tab editors handle notation and playback of sliding. The tech support guy at Guitar Pro told me that GP6 could not capture or imitate sliding very well. How 'bout TabLEdit and the rest of the bunch? What do you see in the notation and hear in the playback when you slide up or down a few frets?


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Tabledit does a good job as long as you enter the right note values and don't try to make it slide too slow. Just for fun I made a video of the player playing the tab for my Orange Blossom Special video. Tabledit lets you add extra tracks to the tab that play along, in this case bass and drums. I wish the midi sound assigned to the dobro was more realistic but it's a learning tool. I encourage folks that get my tabs to use the can slow it WAYYY down, loop it, mute the other tracks or mute the dobro and play along with the tracks. This speed is pretty close to the speed on the video...slightly slower.


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Here is the real thing for comparison:

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