Jerusalem Ridge

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It's time to tackle this one.  Does anyone have a link to tab, or a favorite reso version?  Thanks for any help.


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I've seen one done by Rob Ickes on youtube, but its pretty daunting. If you can't find it, I'll look for it after work.


Some where between major and minor.

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Here's the version that the late Dave Giegerich tabbed out. He tunes his B strings to Bb.
Good luck on this song - I've been working on it as well, and it's a killer.

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I like doing it in A using the minor notes behind the bar. I believe that's how Rob does it. I think there is a recording of that somewhere in the Bluegrass 20__ series.


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Thanks - I got the Dave Gingerich version tabbed out in PowerTab.  I've never tried anything with Gm tuning.  Should be interesting!

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I take that back. There is a great version on a CD called Ultimate Pickin, but Rob Doesn;t play on it. I have a version of Rob playing it live from a Folkwest Bluegrass cruise. Betty may have recorded it. I donwnloaded it from Bluegrass Box years and years ago. I think Rob may have also worked up his version for a workshop or class I went to.

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Here's a video from last years ResoGathering in Wilkesboro, NC of Lou Wamp and myself playing Jerusalem Ridge. My arr. is basically a lot like Rob Ickes. Check out Lou's harmony he adds towards the end of the video!



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Lou is one of my favorite players......His wife, Lynn plays a real good bass in the video, tooSmile.  Thanks for posting this,Troy.  

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Badger, great tune pick! Sorry I don't have tab, but the sheet music is easily found on the internet or books.   I learnt this one attempting to emulate fiddle in Am, no capo. Note for note  and slowly at first, from a recording of Kenny Baker with Bill Monroe. (did old Bill takes credits on this one?)  Amazing slowdowner is a miracle piece of software for learning.

  The challenge with this tune is that is was not written by a dobro player. Once I had all the notes from fiddle at medium temp,  I dobrosized it, because if you ever play this with fiddles, they barn burn it. 

As an example the D part does not layout well on dobro (where it goes to a C chord).  Troy does a great job of of dobrosizing that section.  Lou does an interested dobrosize on the A part. I found the A, B,C and final E sections are possible to play like fiddle, though tough up to tempo, but doable. 

The A part is easier and has a cool dark sound if you start on the lowest A on the G string. The top of the A section can be played on top strings, but getting every note, like fiddle is challenging up to tempo.

The B part I found lays out well. I found using my thumb help clean it up. The final section also lays out well. Good luck with it!

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No tab, but the ultimate version by Rob and blue highway is on Ross Nickersons solo Banjo album "Let's kick some ass" In the US the album is called "let's kick it", i think:-)



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The original US CD was named, "Let's Kick Some Ass".  It was later changed.  Nevertheless, Rob and the guys do tear it up on that CD - good listening!

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