Mike Auldridge's Personal Guitars

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Beard guitars will have a list of Mike's personal guitars that will be offered for sale <sigh..> at next week's IBMA "World of Bluegrass".



Howard Parker

hlpdobro "at" gmail.com


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They should auction. Not everyone can be there. Not that I'm in the market. 


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This is just the notice of sale/auction. No guitars @ IBMA.

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I'm not in the market either - but really all I'd be interested in would be one of the matched pair of pre-war Model 37s.

Though I could make a case for his Rickenbacker "Panda" lap steel, and the double neck MSA SuperSlide.

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will the old Dobro's be sold as a pair or seperated?


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Who would separate twins.  How cruel.

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There's no listing of the instruments on the Resophonic Outfitters site as of yet, but there is a page entitled "Mike Auldridge Estate Guitars" with the following verbiage:

If you would like to remember Mike through owning one of his personal guitars, some of which were used to record his legendary albums, the following guitars will be sold on ebay: 

*Proceeds go to the Auldridge family. All instruments will be sold with a letter of authenticity from Elise Auldridge. Guitars will be listed one at a time on ebay. 


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So far all I see on ebay is a 1996 Gibson/Dobro Prototype Mike Auldridge Signature model, starting bid $3K.


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Speaking of twins, I believe that one has a twin out there somewhere.

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Alan Rausch:

Speaking of twins, I believe that one has a twin out there somewhere.

Not in the case of this Gibson Dobro! Considering their history with the brand, not having a twin might be a good thing.

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Actually there were 3 that were made for Mike.  I bought one from Mike about 5 years ago.  At the time he told me that he had already sold 1, I had the 2nd and he still had the 3rd.  Mine was actually Prototype #1.  Someone at Gibson had penciled in the soundwell Mike Auldridge Prtotype #1.  It was Birch ply with a parallelogram soundwell.  In place of the serial number it was stamped "AULDRIDGE" on the top of the peg head.  Interestingly enough Mike never noticed that until I pointed it out to him.  My avatar is the peghead from the guitar.  Sorry to say I sold it to pay the mtge one month.  Funny, I miss the dobro but not the mtge.

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