Alan Jackson on Letterman tonight

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Alan Jackson is on the David Letterman show tonight.  Rob ickes is playing dobro.  Someone who doesn't get up as early as I will tomorrow, please let me know how it was!



Inveterate Tinkerer


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They start at 39:06 (after you are forced to watch commercials). Rob is front and center (well just off center) and has a nice break.


Has anyone bought this CD? Is it good throughout?


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Less commercials with this link (but the video quality is worse).

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Thread here on the CD from September:

At the time, I wrote this on the JDBB:

A new CD I did get this week is Alan Jackson - The Bluegrass Album. 

Lemme tell ya, this is a fine piece of work and will be getting a lot of spins around here. Ten bucks at Wal-Mart.

And for the resoholics, the album is wall-to-wall Rob Ickes.

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Watching the Letterman show is proof positive of how much I will go through to see Rob play!  Too bad they did not dump the guy who wanted Dave to throw quarters at his butt and let the band play a couple more!!!

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I enjoy Letterman once in awhile but, yeah, that segment with the guy and the quarters was weak. 

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Rob Ickes has notes on his dobro I don't have...

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It's always such a pleasure to watch Rob carve out those tasty little fills and support the song so perfectly. And making it look effortless. 

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