i have a maple guitar with a Scheerhorn cone that sounds best ( so far) with ghs ts 1600 strings. How about you?

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 This might be a rather informative collaboration


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I've always preferred GHS 1650s on my maple. Never did like nickel strings on a dobro. Aren't 1600s nickel?


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Michael Barton Aren't 1600s nickel?

They are phosphor bronze gauges 17-56.


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Combinations do matter;strings, cone, wood etc.....the best is what you like.  The good thing about resonators today is the multitude of quality choices, Q, Beard, Legend, Scheerhorn.  We now get to pick strings, instruments, wood and what ever else.  What a great time to play this instrument. 

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I have an Appalachian Maple Resonator - w/Beard Legend Cone, Schoonover Spider & Fishman Nashville Series Spider Style Pickup.
My GHS favorite for my App is the GHS 1650.
I also like these on my App:
BLACK DIAMOND N780-FS RESONATOR GUITAR SET - FERRELL STOWE SIGNATURE SET - Strings are plain steel and phosphor bronze wound, 017 019 028w 036w 044w 056w. DUNLOP DOP1656 RESONATOR GUITAR SET - Strings are phosphor bronze wound 016 018(2) 028w 036w 046w 056w

NOTE: I have yet to try the D'ADDARIO EJ42 RESONATOR GUITAR strings or the DR and Beard offerings.

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Yeah so that's the 1600 I was thinking about that was nickel. I definitely prefer the lighter top two to my touch and ear. The Scheerhorn sets are OK, but I like the 16-18 not the 17-19 (althought Tim tried to sway me).




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I'm a fan of the TS1600 strings on both a maple guitar with Quarterman cone and a spruce/rosewood with a Beard (standard) cone.  I've really gotten to like the heavier first and second strings.  They are almost too long lasting, somtimes sounding acceptable long after the point I probably should have changed them, if that makes any sense.  A very gradual decline in tone.  FWIW.

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I agree whole-heartedly with what Jim said.  The TS1600's have always sounded great on my walnut 'Hook, regardless of what cone was in it.  They last a long time and the pricing is fair, so you really get a lot of "bang for your buck" with them.  I look forward to trying them on my upcoming maple guitar.  I shied away from the EXP42 strings a while back because of the price and that they really didn't impress me much when I used them on the Fishook when it was new with the Quarterman installed.  I just threw a set on last week after several years without using them and was pleasantly surprised.  They seemed to give a warmer tone, not quite as much bite as the TS1600's.  I don't know if it was the Legend cone that made such a difference, or that I've been using the 1600's for so long that the tone was what I had become accustomed to and the brand/gauge change was easy to pick up.

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Yep my maple horn has the GHS Scheerhorn set, very similar set with the 17/19 on top.  My favorite.  The old packaging has a rust issue. I'm hoping to see the TS1600 in a vacumn package.  


The Sh1600 costs a couple dollars more. I buy a dozen at a time so I buy the TS1600.  It is not clear to me the difference other than price.

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I always used the TS 1600's on my 'Horn's, untill Randy Kohrs gave me a set of his GHS custom gauge strings, they're heavier but are very loud and sound bakanced............


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I believe we will be soon seeing a new, similar set from GHS, CR 1600  American Series Cryogenic resonator strings.  I got a sample package at NAMM. They are in a vacumn sealed package, same gauge as TS1600.


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