Interview with Mike Witcher

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Latest interview at Squareneck Journal is with dobro great Mike Witcher 

Check it out! I welcome your comments!


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Nice work Rob.

That video of him playing at Kaufman camp with Emory Lester is probably my favorite Witcher example of tune tone timing and taste. I never tire of hearing/watching  it. They sure had the mics set up well on that one.

Thanks again.



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Like Mike, my main instrument is koa, but that Blackbeard is the tone I like too.  Thanks again Rob, keep up the good work.

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Great interview Rob, very informative on all counts.

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And I agree with you Dan the Kaufman Camp solo, indeed the whole tune, is wonderful. Mike's solo is hair raising. Does anyone know the name of the tune?

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Another great interview Rob. It was interesting to hear (it was as if I was listening to the interview!) Mike say that playing with 'The New Hip' forced him out of his comfort zone. I was fortunate to hear Mike play with Missy and the New Hip in Nashville and right here in Salmon Idaho. His playing and leads were incredible, unique, inspiring, and definitely not bottled licks.

good stuff Rob!


Like a pet monkey, a banjo seems like a good idea at first.

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Wonderful interview Rob. Great discussion on improvisation. I've always liked Mike's playing since I saw him with the Witcher Bros many years ago in LA.  

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Thank you again Rob for another terrific interview on a fantastic website for us dobro players.

I am originally a guitar player and I have enough musicianship background to pickup some of the basic dobro methods via dvd's and youtube videos. But while these methods are useful and a great way to start, they don't give you positive feedback or suggestions back to fine tune your dobro skills. Working with a teacher with Mike's background and skill set has guided me and encouraged me to really work on learning the dobro.

If you haven't worked with a teacher I strongly suggest giving Mike a call. His contact information is available via his website.

Here are a couple of my personal favorite's of Mike backing up singer songwriters. Enjoy

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Thanks, I'm glad that you liked the interview! 

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Hi Rob, these interviews are all wonderful. So many great insights from these top players on their journeys and approach to this wonderful and unique instrument. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this, you're providing a great resource to the dobro community. 

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