Charlie's Slide Pro Capo

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I just went over 500 sales of my capos.Hope I am making a good contribution to the Reso world.


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Congratulations, Charlie!  That's quite an accomplishment considering your short time in business and the niche market you cater to.  I am a proud owner of both a Slide Pro capo and your ST Special steel and can say that I have used each exclusively since receiving them.  Keep up the great work!

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Thanks Brent.I have had a lot of jobs and always wondered how someone can love their job.After all a job is work right? Now I know.

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Got mine today, used it in practice and really like it. No loss in volume or tone and easy to use.


Some where between major and minor.

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I think you're setting a new standard Charlie. "The Scheerhorn of capos"    LOL

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I liked mine so much I bought a second one for a spare! Thanks Charlie!

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Yea, I think I sold my first one in March of 2014.

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The best I have seen or used, every reso player should have this one.

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Charlie, what does the latest version of your capo weigh?

They are the best capo around.  Love mine and bought another to give to a freind.


you definitely deserve the sales . think you should do 500 more in the near future. Anybody that dont have one is "missing the boat"IMO. 

  Best thing since sliced bread !

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