The Sound: Frank Harlow, Luthier

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For those of you that have not heard, I have produced a Documentary about Frank Harlow who is known world wide for his Luthier skills creating Resophonic guitars (commonly referred to as a dobro). It is titled: The Sound: Frank Harlow, Luthier.

 The production is intended to show a side of Frank that most folks don't get a chance to see. There are numerous guests appearances and some performances, public and private in the program from some well known top artists talking about Frank and showcasing Frank's guitars. Frank is Peerless with his builds. Other builders use techniques he pioneered.

It will be shown in June through KET TV in Kentucky. Here is al link to the initial scheduled air dates:

 KET will also see if other PBS stations in the U.S. wish to show it in their areas. I have contacted a few other PBS affiliates already such as WGVU in Michigan, and they are very receptive. Note: The PBS version has few credits and some edits to meet their government requirements.

I am sending a Full Version to Fretboard Journal Magazine to use online, and am working with Acoustic guitar Magazine who also expressed interest in online featuring. More on this as it develops.  

If you would like to view the promo video, use this link:

The project was fun to make, and I could not have done it without my friend Elijah Knuckles who filmed and edited the program with me. 

Folks interested in purchasing a copy may contact me at



 P.S.  I don't want to divulge the contributors.....hope it's fun for all..  DS.



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Thanks for sharing that Dan!



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Please note: If  you would like to see this program on your local PBS station, please call or email them (cut and paste the URL of the promo above, and or the Bluegrass today article above) and let them know it is listed on the PBS national schedule and is available. I have contacted several PBS Stations myself opting to not  pay a large fee for them to market the program for me, but cannot contact them all. Your voice would help.


Thank you.



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