How do I attach an image to a post?

After several irritating variants for adding an image to a forum, audio or classifieds posting (note: different than adding an image to a gallery), we've settled on the following functionality modeled after the popular Wordpress format.

When posting a new topic or listing, click on the 'Add Image' section below the post text area. 

You'll see two tabs 'Upload' and 'Browse'. 

To post a new image:

  1. On the upload tab select the browse button to the right of the 'Image file' field. 
  2. Change the thumbnail, Title or Description and click the 'UPLOAD' button below the 'Description ' text area.  
  3. Once uploaded, the 'Browse' tab will now be highlighted and you'll see a thumbnail of the new image. 
  4. You can now select alignment, size and if/how the image should be linked.


  • None - center the image.
  • Float Left - Align the image to the left.
  • Float Right - Align the image to the right.


  • Full size - show the image at full size in the posting.
  • Thumbnail - show the image at thumbnail size in the posting.
  • Title - show just the title of the image in the posting.


  • None - the image will not be linked.
  • File - the image will link to the actual image file.
  • Page - the image will link to a page featuring the image.
  • Lightbox - the image will be linked to a Lightbox show of the fullsize.


Click 'INSERT IMAGE' to add the image to your post.  'EDIT IMAGE' will allow you to edit the image settings.  'DELETE IMAGE' will allow you to remove the image.



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