What are tags and how do I use them?

What are tags? Tags are simply a way to describe the key or noteworthy elements within a segment of content on the site.  Content can be in the form of a forum topic, a classified ad, an audio or video file, an image, or a news item.  Tags allow users to mark content in an organized way.  

When to use tags?  Whenever the content describes or relates to an important topic, tag it.  If you think you or others would like to be able to see, read, hear or watch a particular piece of content - mark it with the appropriate terms.  You can use tags solely as a means to organize content that you are interested in, or you can also use them to make a particular content popular.  The more tags applied to content, and specifically the more exact tags applied to content by different users, the more popular it becomes.  Remember, using too many tags or using tags that aren't specific enough is ineffective for marking popular content because in order for the particular content to become popular, the tags need to be similar to, if not exactly like tags that others have chosen. 

Unfortunately, like most powerful internet concepts, the legitimacy of tagging can be undermined by self-promotive over-tagging.  Excessive, self-promotive, or inappropriate tagging will not be tolerated. 

How to tag?  The following guidelines will make our tags more accurate and reliable.  Remember, tags get picked up by Google and other search engines, so it's in all our best interest for them to be correct! 

  • Try to use existing tags if possible.  We have several hundred already.
  • If you think a new tag is absolutely necessary, make sure you capitalize the first letter of words (Camel  Case), and avoid spelling errors (Scheerhorn not Sheerhorn). 
  • Try to use single words. 
  • Avoid prepositions.    


More info on tagging in general found here.


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