What's the purpose of the 'alternate login' field in my profile?

Alternate login is a convenience tactic.  Users can enter an alternate login username that will work as their username site credential.  This can be useful for those who have a favorite username they like to use on many sites and would like the convenience of using it on reso-nation.  Also, for those who'd like to convert their username to their real name (which we'd love for you to do) you can simply set the alternate login to your legacy username so you can continue logging in with the name you are used to.  The alternate login can be any name, email address, etc.  For example, if my username has been bdictator for years but I would like to move to my full name 'Benevolent Dictator', I can simply change my username to 'Benevolent Dictator' and set my alternate login to bdictator.  I can still login with my old name (and restrict it's usage since all usernames and alternate logins must be unique) but display my full name.


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