Even Santa Claus Gets the Blues - written by Marty Stuart

3:33 minutes (4.07 MB)

None of the Above is a bluegrass band based in the Mt. Airy, North Carolina area, I've played with them for a year or so, and this is our version of a Marty Stuart holiday tune.  I'm playing a 2004 Harlow that I bought from a forum member just a few months back, and I'm really pleased with the recorded sound of the guitar.  I hadn't heard the finished mix until today, and while I can always critique my playing, I'm really liking the old Harlow.  This is my first attempt at posting anything other than a classified ad, so apologies in advance if I mess this up.   

There's also a youtube link:

Hope you enjoy this,

The Bluegrass Playboys -Burning Cole

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New song from our new band,hope you like it !!

stacy phillips workshop in LA area

I will conduct a dobro workshop at Boulevard Music in Culver
City, CA (Los Angeles area) from 4 to 6 PM on Saturday, March/31.  I'll
be playing a concert there in a duet setting that evening.
Feel free to ask questions off list.    archduke (at)

Please pass the word.

Stacy Phillips

Øystein Sunde Sentralbordsangen

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The lyrics maybe difficult to understand,but the music is universal......

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