Essential Techniques for Dobro by Rob Ickes DVD

Rob Ickes covers everything from fine-tuning the strings to achieving good tone, timing and control. You'll learn correct hand positions for fast and clean playing, forward and reverse right hand rolls, a little basic music theory and good bar technique, and much more. Tab booklet included. Excellent condition. $35 + $4.00 shipping.

PayPal preferred but check or mo okay.

Online Lessons w/ Mike Witcher

Hi everyone,

     I got such a great response when I mentioned offering online lessons in a previous post that  I set up my web cam and some paypal buttons and we are good to go.  For more details go to .

Shoot me an e-mail  at to schedule your lesson today.

Hope to see you online soon!


Sequential Learning

This is a question that's been on my mind for a few months. Some of the people posting on RN are quite advanced and some are just setting out to learn their way around on the dobro. No one will argue that you should NOT spend time messing around, exploring the neck, jamming with your friends, and playing along with recordings of songs, and of course, slowing down a favorite dobro break and trying to work it out yourself, note-by-note, by ear.

And then there's structured learning: time spent with the metronome, running through scales in different positions or different keys, drilling on those three-finger rolls, and gradually building up speed on Shenandoah Breakdown until it ripples effortlesslessly out of your fingers, the way it does for Mr. Douglas back when he recorded songs like that for his solo releases.

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**FOUND** WTB Tab Material for Heffernan's How to Play Backup

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