9 Deneve Dobros For Sale!!!!!

Here we have 9 Deneve resonator guitars ranging from Birch Laminate R & D bodies to Solid Wood Maple, Walnut & Mahogony R & D bodies. Some are soundwell, some are post and rim and there is even one hybrid Soundwell/Post and Rim. They are all exceptional as always. These guitars have every bit of the tone and volume of any of the "Big" names. And are affordably priced out at $1550 for the R's and $1700 for the D's. Now that's price with hardshell case an extra set of strings and picks included. Mr. Deneve is truly an underrated builder who is in the next to last batch of guitars he will probably be making. You should not miss out on a chance to own one of these cannons! I own 3 and am currently having him build me another. I should have picks up of the guitars in the next couple of days. In the meantime, check out the videos I posted earlier of each guitar.

Feel free to PM me with any interest or questions.

Chad Darou

(Mike Witcher's) Scheerhorn L Body #404-A, Spruce Top, Maple Back/Sides - SOLD

I am the original owner of this fine instrument.  I recorded and toured with this guitar exclusively from 2003-2008. It’s beautiful warm tone can be heard on hundreds of recordings ranging from Sara Watkins to Dwight Yoakam. The combination of Maple and Spruce gives this guitar the punch and brightness needed to cut through a bluegrass band along with smooth highs and a rich warm mid-range for a rounder “darker” tone.   Having spent 5 years on the road and in the studio this guitar has accumulated a good number of dings and scratches. This is the best sounding Scheerhorn I have had the pleasure of playing. Needles to say I hate to let this guitar go. Having spent the last 4 months off the road to stay home with my wife and new baby I need to part ways with my old friend to support the family.

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Scheerhorn Wishlist #4

I've been keeping a secret. Please, do not start another discussion over price, or "I like my XXXXX better..." Those topics have been discussed ad nauseam in other threads. Just admire, if you'd like...

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Beard E Model - Maple or Mahogany?

Hello all,

I've been shopping around for different guitars and I think I've settled on the E-model made by Beard.  Currently, they only have the mahogany model in stock although I know of a few shops around that are carrying the maple model.

From what I understand, the mahogany is going to carry a warmer tone while the maple will have a sharper tone that resembles many of the Sheerhorn models.  I spoke with Chet, a representative of Beard this morning.  He actually prefers the mahogany model but I wanted to get other opinions as well.

I haven't had the chance to play the mahogany model and was hoping I could get some insight from the fine people of reso-nation.

Thank y'all and happy playing!


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