"Song for Gretchen" being played on Maple L-Body

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Ok, be gentle. . . I might know the idiot in this video! This is my first youtube video and the first time I recorded this guitar - or any guitar for that matter. I used the iMovie feature on my iMac. The sound and playing might not be the best, but it's my first time out. This really is a work in progress as I haven't really "written" the song. It was just something I was noodling this morning and wanted to find some way to record the ideas I was coming up with. Anyhow, now I'm no longer a YouTube virgin. =)

Rob Ickes' Maple Scheerhorn

I was just digging back through my CD catalog and rediscovered Rob's first solo project Hard Times.  I know he was playing a maple Scheerhorn, but does anybody know if it was an R body or an L body?  It was intersting to hear the difference between the maple and his current rosewood guitar. Of course, he still sounds like Rob.  Just curious about which model this 'horn was.  

Also, since I'm talking about R and L body maple Scheerhorns. . . does anybody have one of each and which do you prefer, the R body or the L body maple?  Just curious.  I would be interested to hear how similar they are.

1998 Maple L Body Scheerhorn

1998 Maple L Body Scheerhorn

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