Randy Kohrs

Congratulations Randy and Ashley Kohrs!!!

Randy And AshleyRandy And AshleyRandy And AshleyRandy And Ashley

This just in from the Randy Kohrs Newsletter! 

'Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Randy Kohrs!  On April 27th, Randy married long-time girlfriend, publicist, and band member, Ashley Brown, in an intimate ceremony at Slack Key Studio!'

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Randy Kohrs!!!

I can't figure out why the picture is in quadplicate. The more the merrier! Laughing


The Rarest of all Scheerhorns...I think.

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Check out this youtube link.  This guitar's a one-and-only!

Larry Cordle and band with Kim Gardner on dobro!!



Spent last night feet propped up on stage at Station Inn listening to these guys!  Great pickers, tight harmonies.  Kim Gardner is a super picker on the Harlow Cherry!!  Several special guests on stage but one in particular to us being no less than Randy K doing Shenandoah Breakdown!!!  Between Kim and Randy "Way to much for my brain to comprehend at one sittin'"  Check them out!!!  ENJOY!  I would like to see Kim at RS!!

The Sound You Hear In Your Head

In the for sale thread for the 2004 maple 'horn, Greg Booth expressed the sentiment that his favorite period of JerryD in terms of sound was the "Scheerhorn Era."

This got me to thinking of my personal holy grail search (within certain budgetary parameters) for a new special flattop, and why I have settled on a Martin from their Custom Shop. There are obviously all kinds of great "regular" acoustic guitars out there, from larger companies, to smaller "boutique" operations along the lines of Collings, Huss & Dalton, or Bourgeois and the many one man (or woman) luthier operations.

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