VideoOpen minor chords for open D dobro players - -pat-0
ImageClinesmith myrtlewood, qtr. James Traylor0
ImageClinesmith myrtlewood, back James Traylor0
ImageClinesmith myrtlewood, front James Traylor0
ImageClinesmith, 2002 myrtlewood Weissenborn James Traylor1
Image2016 Deneve d-body Koa, qtr. James Traylor0
Image2016 Deneve d-body Koa, back James Traylor0
Image2016 Deneve d-body Koa, front James Traylor0
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VideoBasic major chords for open D dobro beginners - -pat-0
VideoBasic minor chords for open D dobro beginners (FREE 1-hour lesson) - -pat-0
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VideoAdvanced minor chords for the dobro - learn a tune using Em, Bm & Cm -pat-0

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