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Intro to the 8 string dobro with Joe Wilson

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A crash course in the 8 string dobro, by Joe Wilson, G6 Tuning. EGBDEGBD. How to play western swing, honky tonk, and jazz on an 8 string dobro.

www.dobrojoe.com Skype Lessons, video lessons.

Reasonable Price for DeNeve Koa 8 String?

I am toying with letting go of my DeNeve koa 8-string. Though I'm still waffling furiously over whether or not to part ways with it, I want to do my homeword ahead of time and have a reasonable asking price in mind. Having seen no similar guitars for sale, I feel like I'm shooting totally in the dark. Anyone have an informed opionion on what a reasonable range of prices - depending on condition - might be? (I'd even settle for some well-intentioned guesses if that's what you've got...)


2 Deneves on Craigslist - great deals


There are two Deneves for sale on Craigslist that are really great deals. One is in Boston, an 8 string for $600. http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/msg/3303828455.html 

The other is in Washington state, one of Dick's new designs. I've played a few of this model and they are awesome sounding and really loud:


Want to buy 7 or 8 string guitar

Want to buy a 7 or 8 string body/neck assembly.  I have all of the other parts.  Not particular about color or condition as long as it will make a solid instrument.  Thanks!

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