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AMT Reso Tailpieces

Purchase a Fishman Pickup & Aura Pedal - Get FREE AMT Spiderbridge and Installation/Setup!

For a limited time, ResoNation members who purchase a Fishman reso pickup and Aura imaging pedal from AMT will receive a free AMT High-Performance Spiderbridge plus expert installation/setup here in the AMT workshop. For further details, contact me directly either by sending an email to or calling (616) 243-1548.

Discount Pricing on all Fishman Products from AMT !


AMT is now offering discounted pricing on all Fishman products (typically 10 - 15% less than most other Fishman dealers if purchased as part of a package).  To obtain a price quote or for more details contact me either via ResoNation PM, email at or calling (616) 243-1548.


Remote-Controlled Internal Preamp from AMT

AMT announces June 2010 availability of an innovative new internally-mounted acoustic instrument preamp featuring 4-band EQ, volume and phase adjustable via a wireless remote control.  Although intended primarily for use with AMT's Aura-compatible "Single Element" reso pickup, this preamp can also be adapted for use with most other acoustic instrument pickups... including Fishman's popular Nashville-series reso bridge insert pickup.  In addition to remote control, it also features a rechargeable, battery-free power source and custom piezo linearization for reduced distortion and improved sound quality from piezoelectric pickups.

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