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AMT Reso Soundhole Plugs

AMT's "Single Element" Undersaddle Reso Pickup

I'm extremely impressed with how Fishman's Aura mic imaging system has finally freed resoists from having to use a mic in order to get a natural amplified sound (thereby eliminating the inevitable feedback and leakage problems associated with micing a reso in situations with high stage volume); however, from the time Fishman's "Nashville" bridge insert reso pickup intended for use with their Aura pedals was introduced I've had significant concerns about its undesirable effects on a reso's acoustic volume, sustain and tonal characteristics.  I've also encountered recurring problems with this pickup exhibiting uneven string output levels and/or pronounced resonance peaks in the upper bass frequency range (which tend to make a reso it's installed into less natural sounding and more prone to feedback than if the pickup's string output levels and frequency response were more even).


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AMT's Tunable Sound Ports

AMT is now offering "Tunable Sound Ports" designed as replacements for standard screened soundhole covers or screenless soundhole trim rings.  TSPs are available with chrome, gold or black mounting rings and incorporate nonreflective black tubes of varying length which extend from the mounting rings into the reso's body cavity; they
can be supplied either with open-ended tubes or the internal tube ends capped by nonreflective black grills (which will prevent foreign objects such as picks, bars, etc. from falling inside the reso's body while having virtually no effect on its bass response).

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AMT's High-Performance Spiderbridge

The bridge assembly of a resonator guitar serves a crucial role as a mechanical coupler and distributor of sonic energy from the strings to the cone.  Although design, materials and manufacturing methods used to construct high end resonator guitars have progressed considerably since the 1930s, reso bridge design and manufacturing technology has largely remained stagnate for over 70 years (with the notable exception of Kent Schoonover's recent introduction of his "modular" modification for the #14 spider).

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