My experiences with the Fishman pickup and Aura pedal

So at Resosummit this past November I had Paul Beard install a Fishman Nashville pickup/spider assembly in my Crafters of Tennessee TN01 (Black Beauty). Last week I bought a Fishman Jerry Douglas Aura pedal.

I'm very happy with the results. Without the pedal, the pickup works great, but definitely has more of a lap steel sound. In some circumstances this is even a desired effect. I play though a Roland Cube 80X (based on the glowing reviews on the Steel Guitar Forum), and I get a great slightly overdriven sound.

I'm running dry (no other pedal) through the amp with the lead channel set to Metal Stack (emulating a Peavey 5150), gain set to about 2-3 and volume set to 3-5 depending on the room. It's a sound that works well if you can stay away from the front of the amp (to avoid feedback).

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Using Fishman Aura on a lapsteel..?

Hey everybody,

When thinking about amplifying my Wolfe with a Fishman Aura and having the accompanying pickup installed, my friend DobroJan told me about some experiences from others regarding the loss of volume and/or tone after such an installation when not playing amplified. Besides this, I heard it being said that you do not really hear your own dobro through the speakers when playing over a Fishman Aura pedal, but you'll be hearing one of the images available instead put over the sound of your dobro.

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Check out Mike Witcher

Check out the video at Bluegrass Today of Mike playing at Sore Fingers!

Delay Settings for Use with Aura

I recently picked up a Boss DD-3 delay pedal to add to my amplification rig, which consists of a Meredith guitar with a Fishman PUP to Fishman Aura to DD-3 to Baggs Para DI, and I was wondering what kind of settings folks have found useful on their delay pedals.  This is a new effect for me.  My first instinct was to go with a minimum of delay, 12.5-50 ms, but I'm starting to dial in some settings that seem to work with longer delay.  At any rate, the DD-3 has basic settings of effect level, feedback level, and delay time.  I'd be very curious to hear what settings you Fishman users are using.


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