Delay Settings for Use with Aura

I recently picked up a Boss DD-3 delay pedal to add to my amplification rig, which consists of a Meredith guitar with a Fishman PUP to Fishman Aura to DD-3 to Baggs Para DI, and I was wondering what kind of settings folks have found useful on their delay pedals.  This is a new effect for me.  My first instinct was to go with a minimum of delay, 12.5-50 ms, but I'm starting to dial in some settings that seem to work with longer delay.  At any rate, the DD-3 has basic settings of effect level, feedback level, and delay time.  I'd be very curious to hear what settings you Fishman users are using.


Gibson Dobro Brand Resolektric Electronics Question

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Fishman Jerry Douglas bridge mounted in spider SOLD

I still have a used spider/JD bridge for sale at $125.00. It works great. I removed it from my Meredith.

Buyer will pay shipping, insurance and paypal fees. I'll stick with shipping within the US as dealing with customs gives me a headache, lol.

You will probably want to buy an Aura pedal to go with the spider/bridge.  You will need to buy and install a special 1/4" jack available from Beard or  maybe Elderly. Please keep in mind the aura pickup tends to have a wolf tone on the low D which you may want to EQ.

Please have a verified paypal account to buy, or mail cashier's check and wait for check to clear.

Please PM if interested.


Adjustable volume guitar cable

Hey, any of you tried these?:

It's an  adjustable volume guitar cord.  It seems like it would be very cool for dobros plugging into an aura, or a schertler system. . .

Any problems you can think of. . .or am i just going to be the forum guinea pig. . . .

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