New Baggs DI. Competition for the Tonebone PZ-Pre perhaps?

Just came across this listing from the 12th Fret.

AMT's "Single Element" Undersaddle Reso Pickup

I'm extremely impressed with how Fishman's Aura mic imaging system has finally freed resoists from having to use a mic in order to get a natural amplified sound (thereby eliminating the inevitable feedback and leakage problems associated with micing a reso in situations with high stage volume); however, from the time Fishman's "Nashville" bridge insert reso pickup intended for use with their Aura pedals was introduced I've had significant concerns about its undesirable effects on a reso's acoustic volume, sustain and tonal characteristics.  I've also encountered recurring problems with this pickup exhibiting uneven string output levels and/or pronounced resonance peaks in the upper bass frequency range (which tend to make a reso it's installed into less natural sounding and more prone to feedback than if the pickup's string output levels and frequency response were more even).


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Fishman Aura JD Imaging Pedal @ Discount Price


AMT is now able to purchase Fishman's Aura Jerry Douglas Imaging Pedal at the same discounted wholesale cost as huge music store chains like Guitar Center, so for unbeatable pricing on an Aura pedal (as well as any of Fishman's other retail music products) contact AMT to request a quote.  Additional savings are available if Fishman products are combined in a package with any of AMT's own reso products, such as the new "High-Performance Spiderbridge", Aura-compatible "Single Element" bridge insert pickup, "Tunable Sound Ports" or "Modular Tailpiece".

For further details, send an email to: or call (616) 243-1548.


Setting The Aura Pedal's Trim Control

Although the Aura pedal's 'trim' control adjustment procedure recommended by Fishman is effective in maximizing signal-to-noise while avoiding audible clipping distortion, I've unfortunately found that setting the pedal's trim control in the prescribed manner hasn't resulted in the most desirable sound.  As further explained below, based on my personal experience with the Aura pedal I'd suggest that rather than setting the trim control to obtain maximum signal-to-noise as recommended by Fishman, it instead be adjusted with the primary goal of obtaining the most natural and pleasing sound.

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