Setting The Aura Pedal's Trim Control

Although the Aura pedal's 'trim' control adjustment procedure recommended by Fishman is effective in maximizing signal-to-noise while avoiding audible clipping distortion, I've unfortunately found that setting the pedal's trim control in the prescribed manner hasn't resulted in the most desirable sound.  As further explained below, based on my personal experience with the Aura pedal I'd suggest that rather than setting the trim control to obtain maximum signal-to-noise as recommended by Fishman, it instead be adjusted with the primary goal of obtaining the most natural and pleasing sound.

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JerryD's Pedal Board

This was JerryD's pedal board at ResoSummit last November.  Notice the Tube Screamer isn't in line!

Jerry Douglas' Pedal Board 11/08

Fishman Loudbox Acoustic Instrument Amps @ Discount Prices


Fishman's Loudbox Performer and Loudbox 100 acoustic instrument amplifiers are an excellent complement to Fishman's Nashville reso pickup and Aura Jerry Douglas Imaging pedal, and can be used effectively as either a great sounding personal on-stage monitor/dual-channel DI or as a compact, portable mini-PA for smaller gigs.

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Fishman Aura Products Now Available From AMT!

Fishman Products From AMT

Advanced Music Technology is now offering Fishman's state-of-the-art pickup, preamp and Aura imaging products... with expert installation, setup and performance testing included at no additional cost.

If desired, AMT can supply Fishman's bridge insert pickups custom slotted with your preferred string spacing and installed in one of our new patent-pending high performance spiderbridges.  Complete Aura-based reso sound reinforcement systems are also available, with all system components fully configured and tested.

For more information, call (616) 243-1548 or send an email to


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