The Rose with Harp & Dobro using only Fishman/Aura

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I noticed after uploading that the audio is distorted even though my orginal is not. I tried uploading again and again and keep getting error messages to enter Artist and Tile as required fields, even though the Artist and Title are listed. So sorry, the site will not allow me to upload again to replace the audio file.


My wife and I did a duet at a wedding this past Saturday. During the wedding we played this audio clip, the Rose on Harp and Dobro. I thought some of you might be interested in the sound of the Fishman / Aura. I'm using my Brazillian Rosewood-Spruce Meredith.  I did not use a mic at all.  Fishman > Aura > J48 Di > Mackie Mixer > Inear Monitor Transmitter >  Zoom H2.


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Fishman Aura Pickup Installation and Report

I have recently started playing in a band with keyboards and drums, and decided that I'd like to have a better-sounding rig than my old Mc-Feather that I had Tim install when I bought my maple Scheerhorn. It was "OK" when used with a Baggs Para-Acoustic DI, but after hearing JerryD use the full Aura system, I knew I wanted better than "OK".

So, I decided to try the Aura stomp-box with the Mc-Feather, just to see if it might give reasonable results without having to alter my guitar's setup. I know Billy Cardine is using the Aura pedal with a Schertler Basik pickup. Unfortunately, the sound I got with the Feather>Aura Pedal>Baggs was worse than just Feather>Baggs. So, I decided to break down and get the full Aura setup, by installing the Aura pickup in one of my 'horns.

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Jerry Douglas - Aura Enabled

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Jerry Douglas and band played a great CD release party set at the Bohemian Cafe in Greenville, SC and then signed copies of the new CD, Glide at Horizon Records right afterwards. This was the opening tune, Wild Rumpus.  [It's my understanding that JD was fully Aura enabled for this gig  -bd]


New Fishman Aura Performance

This weekend I used the new fishman pickup & aura pedal which I had installed in my Clinesmith by Todd (who did a great job by the way). The pickup is awesome and works without the aura pedal just fine. The pedal "enhanced" my sound, making it even better. It was nice being able to move around the stage and still be heard. It's really nice doing a lead without needing to hold the guitar at an exact spot near the mic. The system is not feedback resistant, but with tweaking I had it set up to play louder than I needed, and of course the feedback is relative to the proximety to speakers, monitors, etc. I used it for two gigs, one a large concert outside and the second a small sports bar. It takes some experimenting to get the "perfect" setting, it's not just plug in & go. Still new with it but to my ear many of the 16 settings aren't much different from one another in a live performance. The Tusq insert changed the tonation of my guitar acoustically.

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