New Fishman Aura Performance

This weekend I used the new fishman pickup & aura pedal which I had installed in my Clinesmith by Todd (who did a great job by the way). The pickup is awesome and works without the aura pedal just fine. The pedal "enhanced" my sound, making it even better. It was nice being able to move around the stage and still be heard. It's really nice doing a lead without needing to hold the guitar at an exact spot near the mic. The system is not feedback resistant, but with tweaking I had it set up to play louder than I needed, and of course the feedback is relative to the proximety to speakers, monitors, etc. I used it for two gigs, one a large concert outside and the second a small sports bar. It takes some experimenting to get the "perfect" setting, it's not just plug in & go. Still new with it but to my ear many of the 16 settings aren't much different from one another in a live performance. The Tusq insert changed the tonation of my guitar acoustically.

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