Blue Highway

Blue highway - Cold Harbor

Hi. I found this clip on youtube;

The instrumental starts at 2.00 into the clip. Is this tune on any of the Blue Highway records? I have most of them but not yet all.. If so, witch one? Great playing as always!


Old Settlers Festival

Anybody goin' to Old Settlers next weekend? We're not having a reso workshop this year, but there'll be a few reso players on the bill.

Rob Ickes and Blue Highway play on Friday, April 17. On Saturday the 18th, Cindy Cashdollar is playing with Dave Alvin, and Megan Lovell plays with the Lovell Sisters. I'm playing with Lone Star Swing on Saturday, also.

I'll be pickin' in the campground most of the week - look for the yellow sign that says, "The Bold and the Beautiful".


East Snook, TX

Blue Highway on Mountain Stage Audio


  • Through the Window of a Train
  • Wondrous Love
  • Sycamore Hollow
  • Last Hand Loader
  • Nothing But A Whippoorwill

Rob Ickes & Blue Highway Featured In Guitar Player Magazine

Resoist Rob Ickes offers a glimpse into the collaboration and tracking intricacies of Blue Highway.

"People always want to know how we arrange songs," says Blue Highway's resonator royalty Rob Ickes, "They'll ask, 'How do you decide who's taking the next solo?' I tell them that we just start playing. A lot of people spend too much time talking about music. Bluegrass is a language that everyone in this band has grown up speaking, so we don't have to say much to play it."

Check out the entire article.

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