Blue Highway

Blue Highway "Through The Window of a Train

Rob's email list just sent out advance warning of their new CD to be released on Feb. 12. Email sez it's available on their website now. But here's a video with some music, the guys talking about music/life, and some no-names giving opinions (like Ricky Skaggs and Sam Bush).

Probably belongs in the Video thread, but it's about the new CD, so what the hey. :D

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Celebration Of Life CD

Howdy folks! I just picked up an excellent CD from the Scaggs Family Records label. It's called Celebration Of Life as part of the Musicians Against Childhood Cancer project. It has some mighty fine pickin on this one. As far as the dobro is concerned, it has Rob, Uncle Phil, Andy Hall, Randy Kohrs and others. Other pickers and singers are Dan Tyminski, Bela, Doyle Lawson, J.D. Crowe, Tony Rice, Bryan Sutton, LRB, Blue Highway, Alecia Nugent ... too many to mention, it's star studded! You can go to Scaggs Family Records to check it out. Great Stuff!

I've been waiting...

I believe I've waited long enough... the new Blue Highway CD was to be released in March and now it's set for early June. I can wait no longer to let you know that it's the best thing they've done yet and that's saying alot 'cause I love 'em all (all their CDs that is).

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Blue Highway @ The Station Inn

Hey all who are interested....

According to the Station Inn website, Blue Highway will be there at 9:00 p.m. on February 5, 2005. Any time I have a chance to see Rob Ickes I grab it. The band put on a tremendous show there in February of this year. All you "resoers" near Nashville try to make it. Maybe we can somehow figure out how to recognize each other.

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