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Beard E model

took delivery last week of my my beard E model in maple. it had been a long search for one starting last summer, and i am glad i finally found one. this guitar is dated dec 22 2004 but looks like new. i don't think shes been out of the case much but that has already changed. i want to thank alvin at morgan music in lebanon missouri for helping me out with the right guitar. has that great beard sound i've always wanted. i have posted a bunch of other pictures on my flickr site if you would like to see more.

paul beard e model mint 2000$ cant beat that!!

paul beard e model mint 2000$ cant beat that!!

I purchased this guitar new in 2006, I played it regularly but as well, took excellent care of it and cleaned it regularly, it is in pristine condition. This guitar has great tone and pop from low to high. The pictures i took are of low quality and dont really do it justice, but trust me its beautiful and it sounds just as good as it looks. Brand new these guitars go for 3500$, so in this condition I think 2000$ is a great deal. I would normaly never want to part with this guitar but I have others and I am in a bind. You can contact me via email at

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