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Beard Guitars @ IBMA WOB

Once again Paul has tapped me to join him in Raleigh, NC for IBMA's "World of Bluegrass". I don't know yet what guitars he'll have but he always pulls out all the stops and generally has something new on hand.

Sep 27 - Oct 2 . The exhibit hall is open to the public and FREE on Fri-Sat.

If you've attended before you just know there's a good chance there will be interesting folks camping out and picking in the booth! wink

That is all!

Mike Auldridge "Lorena"

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Beard, Road o phonic

I received my 'Roadie' yesterday. I'm very impressed with the sound and playability. It's definitely bluesy, but can be quite sweet as well. 

I'm plugging into my Roland Ac60 and pleased with what I'm getting. I like that I can get some lap steel vibes with dobro action and playability. I'd never really found my voice on a lap steel. 

Does anyone have experience with this instrument they'd like to share? 

There is very little on the web regarding signal path, DI's, Preamps, pedals or effects. 

I'll be playing it live in short order. Any pearls would be appreciated. 

Hornless Douglas??

Jerry Douglas is a master at his craft and I sure don't want to suggest he is anything but that, but I miss the low end fullness he had in his sound when he played Scheerhorns.  It just isn't there with the Beards.  I suppose there are songs where the Beards might sound better than the Horns, but with AKUS the bottom is just not there.  I miss the master playing the best. 

But lest anyone get the wrong idea, I contend JD would sound good playing a shoe box with a pencil.

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