bob brozman

RIP Bob Brozman

Bob Brozman, author of the book "The History and Artistry of National Resonator Instruments", passed away yesterday, April 24th, from an unspecified heart condition. This has been confirmed by National Resophonic Guitars in a private email.

Here's Bob's biography from his website.

Redefining musical diversity worldwide, Bob Brozman is a remarkably prolific artist whose wit, energy, and musical technique combine powerfully to create an unforgettable live performance. A master of slide, fingerstyle, and percussive guitar, Bob's exhilarating show spans the global and musical spectrum, and keeps audiences enthralled, begging for more of his endearing, infectious energy.

Bob's familiarity with diverse world music cultures produces a novel blending of rhythmic and timbral influences, unparalleled in today's musical environment. His rhythmic dexterity resonates with elements of blues, jazz, Gypsy swing, calypso, sega, and even the most modern hip-hop and ska beats.

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