Scheerhorn capo, almost brand new, $40, free shipping in Con. US

Howdy everyone!

I'm selling a almost-brand-new Scheerhorn Capo for $40, free shipping in the continental US (or local pick-up in Chicago, or even drop-off depending on where you are).  I just got it and a Beard wave from Elderly, tested the two, and liked the Beard better.  It has been clamped on and off about 5 times, and probably has a total of 10 minutes playing time on it.  There are some slight scuff marks on the brass where the strings were, so Elderly probably wouldn't be able to sell it as new.



What type of capo....

On Mike Witcher's video what type of capo is he using?  Thanks


Tuners and Capos

I hope I'm not alone on this.....further, I hope someone has found the solution.  I have a number of clip-on tuners, but mainly I've used the Korg AW-2, and once I got the Peterson Strobo Clip, that one pretty much exclusively.  When I don't have a capo on, no problem.  I've learned that a softer touch is better. Side of my thumb, pinky, best of all, no picks.  Also, I always mute the "sister" string.  If I'm tuning my low G, I mute the high G to avoid sympathetic resonance (or whatever it's called!).  Here's the problem.....  When I put my capo on, the needle flip-flops like an election year politician! I typically use a Bradley and occasionally a Walworth.  I suspect this is due to the fact that the capo is "floating".  Maybe this would not be so pronounced with a Shubb or Gross capo.  I don't know.  I also have similar problems with my Sonic Research Turbo Tune pedal.

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