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Off-The-Rack Carbon Fiber Cases - Whose Cases Fits Which Resos?

I'll spare you all the rambling back-story but here is my dilemma...

I have an overseas show coming up both suddenly and soon and would like to get a carbon fiber case for any legs of the trip where I may not be able to carry on my guitar. Because of how soon this trip is coming up, I'm likely to need to buy either a used case or a new 'off-the-rack' generically sized reso case. I would love it if the case could be used for both my Scheerhorn R-body and Beard Blackbeard. So:

1. Anyone know of a case that will fit both? (Obviously this rules out something custom-fitted but I'm hoping that a good-even-if-not-great fit will be better than nothing.)

2. Anyone have input on whether or not a good-even-if-not-great fit will, in fact, be better than nothing?

3. Short of a case that will work with both resos, anyone know which of the generically-sized cases carbon fiber case will fit which of these guitars?

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Carbon Fiber in Scheerhorn

I was wondering if anybody out there has a Scheerhorn with a carbon fiber insert in the neck.  If so, what do you think about the sound comparison to a 'horn without it?  I just bought a maple L body on Monday and, to my ears, this guitar not only had the requisite tonal characteristics of Tim's guitars, but also some pretty amazing sustain.  It just had "it" - whatever that might be.  You know it when you play it, though.  In talking to Tim yesterday, I learned that the guitar had a carbon fiber insert in the neck (that explains the solid curly maple neck) like Tim used in Jerry's famous "Headless Scheerhorn".  In comparing this to my other maple L, this guitar is noticeably different.  I would have to say both guitars had been played about the same and they are fairly close in age (on a '98 and this one a '02).  I'd never played a Scheerhorn with the carbon fiber though and wanted to see what some other RN folks experiences/opinions are.

Carbon Fiber Reso

Ok, It seems that those who heard Johnny Bellar play the Carbon Fiber reso were impressed with his playing.

I am pleasantly suprised that I did not here any complaints about any unpleasant sounds coming from the CF reso.

I happen to love wood instruments, but also appreciate the ability to takin a CF instrument in and out of different environments and not being worried about the effects from the elements.

How about you purist?? Wood versus Carbon fiber??? Will a CF reso be accepted by the reso world?? What say you????



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