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Hey there friends, I hope this finds everyone healthy and happy.  I haven't been to Reso Nation in a bit and figured I'd drop by and post a little bit of what I've been messing with.  This video was actually based on a school project.  I'm a jazz piano student at UNCA right now and have really really been enjoying it.  Part of what I had to do with this tune was include a variety of 'scales' as sources for some of the improvisation...Octatonic (or half-whole), whole tone, Altered and Mixolydian b9 b13, etc.  Sounds kinda fancy if you're unfamiliar with them, but they essentially just highlight the important parts of the melody against what would otherwise be pretty recognizable chords.  I'm working on transferring all the piano ideas to the dobro to try and deepen my connection to idiomatic jazz phrasing.  I kinda love the melodies more than anything...the way they bounce of the harmonies in the chords is really beautiful in this music.

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The Billy Sea @ Altamont Theatre, Nov 2011

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Hello there dobro friends.  I've got a debut CD release coming up with my buddies from The Billy Sea and am going to be releasing a vid a week leading up to the party in July.  If anyone's around Asheville in July, it'll be at the Isis Theatre on July 13!  The album is called 'Global Americana' and the music kinda dances around some familiar Appalachian acoustic sounds and at times gets into some 'globally' influenced rhythms and melodies.

youtube URL:

I hope everyone is having a sweet and safe spring!  All the best, Billy

The Billy Sea - promo vid

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Hello RN friends, I'd like to share a lil promo video for one of my projects, The Billy Sea.  It was made as part of an electronic press kit of sorts, so it's not a straight up performance video.  

The Billy Sea has almost wrapped up their first release, a CD and a video DVD.  We've been evolving the idea a bit and are adding one more tune with vocals to the 'album', some of that is featured towards the end of the vid.  We'll be out and about a bit in 2013!  (If any of y'all are diggin this and have a sec for commenting on YouTube, it helps us for promoters to see that there are folks interested out there).

I hope everyone's having a happy and safe Holiday season.  Lotsa Love from Western NC. 


Six String Swing - sampler

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I made a short sampler of the Six String Swing album with a lil photo montage.  We didn't do a very great job with pics and video, but there's a few.  I'm posting a few of my practice vids on YouTube too just for fun.  You can kinda see how it all evolved.  Maybe I'll stick one up here in a bit.  

Also, I'm adding a new free download track for anyone that wants to check it out.  The first download was "Them There Eyes".  The new one is "Rose Room".  The link is over on the CD's page of this forum under Discussion.  The link will just download automatically.  No need to fill anything out.

I've been horrible about using my FB artist page, but if anyone thinks about it, maybe fly by there and give it the click.  I'll post some more stuff over there thoughout the fall/winter.  

Some new stuff is coming down the pipe too!

It's a beautiful Fall in Asheville!  Heading out to see Jerry tonite.  

All the best, B


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