Phil Leadbetter: The Next Move

I'm listening to Sirius Radio's "Track By Track" presentation of Uncle Phil's new album, The Next Move. Phil has been through some serious health issues (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2011) and is currently facing additional trials, but right now he's doing what he does best: painting a big smile on my face with his music! In addition to his chops on the dobro (his intonation and timing are simply amazing), Phil knows how to put albums together. He brings material and performers together as well as anyone, and the results (including Instrumental Album of the Year award for Slide Effects in 2005) are top notch.

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Dave Giegerich CD "It's About Time"

I haven't seen anybody here mention the long-awaited release of the late Dave Giegerich's excellent CD "It's About Time."  I just got my copy and it's wonderful, with a wide variety of styles and backing musicians including David Grier, Cathy Fink, Jimmy Gaudreau, Ricky Simpkins, Marcy Marxer, and many others.  This is not a weepy retrospective, but a vital project, full of life and humor (just like Dave).  If you knew Dave, you've got to hear this.  If you didn't know him, here's your chance.  I met him in the 80s and even then he had this tendency to never cheat on a melody but to find ways to express the full tune, before he began improvising and riffing on it.  An incredible musician.  Dave's wide ranging musical tastes are all here: bluegrass, jazz, Hawaiian, fiddle tunes, and originals.  It's really good to hear Dave play again.  Highly recommended.

Jim N.

Question about CD Display Cases



Has anyone seen any CD Display cases that have a ATA Case that the wire rack goes in.  I have found one but they are proud of it


Just wanting to see some other options, but having a hard time finding another company.  Our band is needing something for our table and want something similar. We may have to suck it up and pay it if that is what we want.  I know there are some pros on here that might chime in and tell me what they are using.





Where to Record our next CD

Our band is now putting together material for our second cd and hopefully we will start recording late spring.  I know there are some top studio guys on here so maybe you all can recommend a studio for us.  We were satisfied with our first cd, but want a little better studio this time.   We are in East TN so that would be best, but live with three hours of Nashville, so that opens up lots I am sure.  I have searched for bluegrass studios, but haven’t found much.   We are amateurs, so I don't know if some studios will have us.   But am wanting to get the list together to start making contacts.



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