Meet the HillBenders

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Hillbenders to preform at Grey Fox 2010

whos coming to Grey Fox? Im more than a little excited to get to play there with the 'Benders


the official Chad Graves IBMA report:

Would like to say hey to all the folks I met out at IBMA, and old friends i got to see again. I had an absolute blast this year. I didnt get to sit around and play all the resos like i usually do, as that i was working so hard to push the HillBenders name. which, btw, if all goes like i think it might you may be hearing A LOT more of soon. Laughing

i did get the chance to swing by Bettys Dobro party. had a great time there, as always. Randy K rolled in twards the end and played a version of Dobro Chimes that pretty much melted my face. course about everything he does melts my face.

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