A very Jerry Christmas

I went to the Newberry Opera house last night to See Jerry Douglas band  with special guest

John Oates and Maura O'Connell play Christmas songs and a few other favorites .

It was a remarkably wonderful show ,Saw a reso summit friend  Daniel from Savannah He was my Adjoining roommate in Nashville .

A really good size crowd a great venue I would recommend this show to anyone who love christmas music or the Reso

Its always a treat to see great musicans do Christmas tunes .Not all were traditional Christmas tunes but all definately fit the Season .

I wasnt sure what to expect but i really love live music and seeing Jerry perform well i cant accurately describe just how cool it was .



Jerry Christmas

I've been listening to Jerry's Christmas album today while driving around the Berkeley hills/ Oakland area before heading over to KK's house for T-day with my whole family. It's gorgeous here. I'm enjoying the album very much, and am always struck by the depth of Mr. Douglas's musicianship and artistry. That said, it seems to me that his tone on this album is noticeably different than what I'm used to hearing. It seems sharper and more brittle with less of the lush fullness and strong body, it's thinner. Is it just me?

Nutcracker Thingy

Per AKslider and dobropilot's request. I don't have Greg's facility at chimes, so my playing around with "Christmas Song" ends with this little lick. Tab is in More ResoSummit pics thread in Shows, Workshops & Gatherings.

Signal Chain... har har. I always wanted to say that. DeNeve Mesquite jumbo. Zoom H4 (mp3 direct). Me sittin' on my butt trying to not miss. :wink:

AKslider Let It Snow!

1:06 minutes (1.01 MB)

You're about to be inundated with Christmas music for the next six weeks or so: on the radio, at the stores, on TeeVee, at'll probably even catch yourself humming Christmas tunes under your breath!! So, why not start with a bit o' Reso-Christmas music?

OK, here's my latest effort. My son Dan has just moved to the Bay area so sadly I couldn't have him play on it :cry: , but he may be able to add his part soon. For now it will have to stand alone. This is my first recording using my ResoSummit overhauled Gibson Leadbetter, I'm pleased with the result.

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